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2016 Rio Olympic TV Coverage

NBC will be covering a lot of the events during their Prime Time coverage.   Other stations may be also covering the events live.  

Women's Gymnastics events will be shown on NBC Prime Time:  

  • Olympic Opening Ceremony - Friday, Aug 5th, 6:30pm

  • Women's Team Competition

    • Sunday, Aug 7th 6pm - 11pm Central

  • Women's Team Gold Medal Final

    • Tuesday, Aug 9th 7pm - 11pm Central

  • Women's All-Around Final

    • Thursday, Aug 11th 7pm - 11pm Central

  • Women's Individual Event Finals

    • Sunday, Aug 14th 6pm - 11pm Central​

    • Monday, Aug 15th 7pm - 11pm Central

    • Tuesday, Aug 16th 7pm - 11pm Central

See below for all events and live streaming channels and times.  Full Site Link

Go USA !  @TeamUSA, @USAgym, #RoadtoRio

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